Honing and hawking their crafts

The Black Cat Tavern on 12th (2654 S. 12th St.) invites you to support local artists at its fifth Holiday Pop-up Market from 3 to 8 p.m. on Sunday, December 19. The event will showcase a variety of jewelry, crafts, and handmade creations.

“Art can unites us and art can bring us back together,” co-owner Marlise Tkaczuk said of the event’s inspiration. “I’m hoping art can help us all heal and reconnect to what makes us the exceptional, individual, unique, beautiful humans that we are.” 

Those looking for holiday treasures and support local artists can secure creations from the following 12 vendors: 

Black Cat’s exhibiting artist for December, Shawn Beeks, will also have work available, with his output and that of the dozen others going for as little as a few dollars up to $350. Happy to be back after last year’s forced hiatus, Tkaczuk also appreciates the possibilities for community that the hyperlocal homage to art can foster. 

“We all lost so much joy and magic in our world, but as we begin to re-emerge and reconnect, it’s encouraging to see art and hand-crafted works start to really lead the charge,” she said. “And perhaps that’s what we can try to positively impart onto this new landscape, at holiday time now and beyond — let’s make a point to disconnect from the mega-chains and instead connect with each other by supporting and celebrating the unique-product makers, the original designers, the homemade-from-the-heart inspired individual crafters; and the nextdoor neighbor you only just discovered makes the most beautifully intricate wares.” 

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