“Crust the process” at Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria on East Passyunk Ave.

An incredibly busy initial two months at Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria, 1700 E. Passyunk Ave., has given Vinny Gallagher “a good problem to have,” namely, extreme fatigue. Vinny, along with brothers Davide and Ciro Lubrano, have been dishing out Italian staples with care and consistency at the East Passyunk Crossing-based eatery that occupies the former LaScala’s Birra.

“It’s definitely ambitious,” Davide said of the assortment of creations, “but this is the right time to put all of our ideas together to give our guests the best of us.”

Pizzata’s ahi tuna, salmon livornese, and short rib are integral parts of a massive menu. Image by Mike Prince

“We pride ourselves on having something to appeal to everyone who walks inside,” Ciro said, with his business partners issuing approving nods. “Of course we have pizza in our name, but we’re more than just a pizza destination.” 

Ciro previously helmed LaScala’s Birra and enjoys the freedom that’s come from the partnership with his brother and Vinny. Davide and Vinny are partners in Center City’s Pizzata Pizzeria. 

Sourdough serves as the basis for all the pies at Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria, with the masses consuming around 200 each weekend. Red and white varieties make up the 20 menu offerings. Patrons are also able to “create their own” by adding up to four ingredients. The pizza choices definitely support the “Crust the Process” message that the trio of businessmen placed on the menu, referencing the 76ers’ old Trust the Process mantra. 

Describing the trio’s partnership, Gallagher, an award-winning “natural-leaven dough freak,” noted that “it’s great to tie so many passions for food together.” He added, “we’re enamored with the reception that we’ve been receiving.” 

Starters abound at their destination—Davide touts the cheesesteak egg rolls as a winner. Salads, with five protein add-ons, join sandwiches, stromboli, and pasta dishes on the menu. Popular entrees include salmon livornese and six-hour-long braised short ribs. Desserts include a cannoli plate.

Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria’s cheesesteak eggrolls appear on the starters section of the menu. Image by Mike Prince


Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria’s eggplant parmesan is a popular pick on the sandwiches section of the menu. Image by Mike Prince

Happy Hours include half-off bottles of wine on Wednesdays and Thursday Quizzo outings.

“I’ve always liked this area,” Ciro said. “Now with Davide and Vinny alongside me, I think our enthusiasm is going to be limitless.” 

Pizzata Pizzeria & Birreria
1700 E. Passyunk Ave.
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Monday-Wednesdays: 4 – 9 p.m.
Thursday: 4 – 10 p.m.
Friday—Satuday: Noon- 10 p.m.
Sunday: Noon – 9 p.m.