Little Susie’s Coffee & Pie making a tasty impression

The Point Breeze spot is filling stomachs through interesting creations.

Former South Philly resident Dan Martino knows the charm of the entire environs’ food identity, so when the opportunity came along to add a third Little Susie’s Coffee & Pie location at 1754 S. Chadwick St., he felt keen to connect with inhabitants’ taste buds. Since its February 11th opening, the Point Breeze destination has proven a morning and early-afternoon mainstay for patrons’ interest in diverse delights. 

“I like that our model has us wedged within neighborhood spaces,” Martino said of adding a South Philly space to complement Little Susie’s operations in Fishtown and Old City. “Being in communities, I feel what we have here is quite special.” 

Dan Martino opened Little Susie’s South Philly site in February. (Photo by Joseph Myers)

From 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, fruit and savory pies are excited to make the acquaintance of eager eaters, especially those with an open mindset. That is to say that for every fan of honey crisp apple pies, which register as Little Susie’s number-two seller, there are cheeseburger, buffalo chicken, and other labors of love ready to make someone’s day. 

Closed-crust creations await those who venture to Little Susie’s. (Photo by Joseph Myers)

“We definitely are disciples of variety,” Martino, who helms the business in what used to be a deli, said of having, among others, brownie, blueberry lemon, and glazed cherry pies; a mushroom and swiss combo; and bacon, egg, and cheese merger that it is quickly gaining standout status; and the stallion pie that depends heavily on Italian meats as options. “Everything we have here just makes for a symphony of flavors.” 

The pork roll-and-cheese pie strikes the loudest chord as Little Susie’s top mover, and Martino cherishes its role in helping his establishments to sell 4,000 closed-crust products each week. When making their selections at the walk-up window, customers can look to down their hearty purchases with La Colombe coffee and lemonade that the proprietor calls “the best bang for your buck.” 

“We’ve had great reactions to all the pies we offer,” Martino, who has plans to add outside seating so as to intensify the community feel, said of having constants and providing seasonal choices to his guests. “I had a solid feeling that South Philly would be a terrific spot for us, and we’re fortunate to have won a wonderful following so far.”

Little Susie’s Coffee & Pie
1754 S. Chadwick St.
Hours: 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. daily