Satisfy your sweet tooth at Delicious Sweets

Kith and kin can carry us to many realizations. For Dina Nord, loved ones, having tasted her creations for years, helped the committed creator to become a businesswoman, with Delicious Sweets, 1908 E. Passyunk Ave., as the byproduct of their encouragement. 

Dina Nord oversees the burgeoning business at Delicious Sweets. (Photo by Joseph Myers)

Savor the sweetness, one bite at a time

“It’s pretty cool to be in this neighborhood, not far from where I grew up,” the 43-year-old native of Ninth and Mifflin streets said of retaining roots in the area. “I see familiar faces, but no matter who comes in, we’re bonding over our shared love for sweets.” 

The Siena Place resident opened the East Passyunk Crossing-situated location on October 2, hoping to be a hit with customers through offerings that include biscotti, brownies, cake pops, cookies, mini cakes, pies, and pizzelles. Her wish for success granted, thanks in part to daily Instagram posts that explain the day’s goodies, Nord feels she has made a connection with consumers because of her commitment to variety.

Cakes and pies are the main attractions at Delicious Sweets. (Photo by Joseph Myers)

Desserts that dare you to indulge 

“I get joy out of other people’s joy,” the proprietor said of being diverse in her baking efforts. “I think that to make an impression, you have to blend staples with things that are a little different, maybe even weird.” 

Two items that meet those descriptions are Delicious Sweets’ popcorn cake and Reese’s Cheesecake. The former relies on melted marshmallows to hold together popcorn, pretzel sticks, peanuts, and M&M’s, while the latter has a brownie crust fraternizing with chocolate and peanut butter chips, cream cheese icing, and peanut butter. 

“I just want everyone to feel as if this is the place to be to grab a treat,” Nord noted of her compact space that sells whole cakes and pies and slices. “There’s something very rewarding about being able to take care of people in this way.” 

Her efforts have made the pumpkin pie, Jewish apple cake, and Irish potatoes the top sellers, and the aesthetics are pleasing, too, including a sign that declares “A balanced diet means a cookie in each hand.”

Whatever a patron’s preference is or whatever she can do to tout her wares, including participating in the Flavors of the Avenue celebration, the busy owner never lacks for ideas to please the masses. That commitment will pay off in October when she participates in a Dilworth Plaza-based event and could really take off by next summer if a hoped-for food truck idea comes to fruition. 

“I had heard from many people that I should look for a spot,” Nord said of the aforementioned cheerleaders. “I appreciate the confidence they had in me, and I love that customers have given me their trust, too.”

Delicious Sweets
1908 E. Passyunk Ave.
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 4 to 8 p.m.
: Friday, Saturday, Sunday – noon to 8 p.m.